Welcome to EMMA!

The research programme EMMA will develop methods for using laser scanning and digital aerial imagery for environmental monitoring and vegetation mapping, on land and at sea.

In the programme, new methods for semi-automated mapping and change analysis of vegetation on land and on shallow sea floors will be developed.

The programme has two parts: One terrester part led by the remote sensing department at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and one aquatic part led by the Swedish Defence Research Agency. In aquatic applications laser scanning provides depth data and data related to aquatic habitats, as well as data for calibration of the aerial photos.

Among the programme's terrestrial applications are semi-automated terrestrial vegetation mapping over large areas and development of methods for objective monitoring of vegetation changes, which can be of interest for monitoring the arctic tree-line ecotone, or monitoring over-growth in protected grasslands, to name a few examples.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency contributes 3 million SEK annually and the programme is expected to last for four years.